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24 February 2012 @ 10:29 am
Too Much Coffee, Man (G)  
Title: Too Much Coffee, Man
Author: dvshipper
Rating: G
Spoilers/Warnings: Set in season 10.
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate, slight Daniel/Vala
Summary: Vala discovers super coffee.
A/N: I'm back! Unbeta'd cause I'm at work and this was written in half an hour.

SG-1 sat at the briefing room's large table, in their usual spots. It's a little ridiculous, but saving the galaxy was just another day the office for Sam, Cameron and Daniel. Not so much for Teal'c because, well, he's Teal'c and there's a certain sense of honor and respect about him. General Landry joined them from his adjoining office and sat down to brief them on P4X-252. There was a small uprising there against the Ori and the good General wanted to discuss options of aid with SG-1.

"They want to kick the Ori off their planet? Great. I want your thoughts, SG-1," General Landry started off the meeting. You could tell that he wanted to kick the Ori's ass himself, but his field days were in the past and he counted on SG-1 to be his boots on the ground.

"Sir, SG-2 can provide tactical support and deliver an anti-prior device while we---" Cameron was cut off by Vala, who sat across from him, glued to Daniel's side for what seemed like 24 hours a day. Cameron fleetingly wondered if she let Daniel even take a piss without her standing outside the door. Yeah, probably not.

"I think we should send them coffee," Vala said very seriously. She looked at the General and Sam as if this was a matter of great importance and would in fact be a great help in defeating the Ori. Vala actually wondered why it wasn't standard procedure to fuel every uprising and mission with a bag of a good dark roast.

"Excuse me, Miss Mal Doran?" Landry looked at her with that furrowed brow confusion that he often exhibited with the alien.

"Coffee. I mean, it's obvious really," Vala looked around the table like it should be obvious to everyone sitting there.

"Vala, we really don't have time for---" Daniel was cut off much like Mitchell had been with Vala's excited, bubbly personality. There wasn't a day that went by when Daniel wondered if it would have been better for him to just leave her in space. But then, his life wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

"It's simple. Give the locals coffee. It'll give them plenty of energy, a reason to love us as if they didn't have plenty already aaaand it makes Daniel figure things out so it should have the same effect on the locals of P4X whatever. Give them enough coffee and they'll figure something out," Vala continued to babble on as Daniel's forehead gently hit his palm. "Plus, they have the added benefit of sprinting. Sprinting is a very good tactic and they can sprint AROUND the priors, cause a sandstorm effect thus enabling---"

Daniel cut Vala off with a hand over her mouth. She continued to mumble under his hand and bounce, but he had enough experience with her to hold her down. "Mitchell, why don't you continue with what you were saying before," Daniel told him. "No more coffee for you," Daniel quietly whispered in Vala's ear. Teal'c overheard that and raised an eyebrow, trying not to smirk.

General Landry watched the Doctor wrestle gently with Vala and smiled to himself. She may be crazy, but Jackson sure knew how to handle her. With so much at stake, it was the little things that lightened the mood and made things that little bit less stressful. Vala was good for that. Watching her interact with Jackson was often annoying, infuriating and frustrating, but at the end of the day, Landry was glad she stuck around. It gave the Doctor a good distraction and brightened the mood a little bit. The team needed that so they wouldn't crack.

"Right, back to business. SG-2 could deliver an anti-prior device and some coffee," Mitchell smiled at Vala and the raven-haired beauty looked quite pleased with herself. She sat up a little straighter when Daniel removed his hand from her mouth. "I read the file, Sir, and I'll get a team together."

"Thank you, Colonel. Dismissed."

Each member of SG-1 left the room shaking their heads, with a smile on their lips. Just another day at the office. Saving the galaxy with coffee.
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spacegypsy1spacegypsy1 on February 25th, 2012 06:51 pm (UTC)
Heehee, I love my coffee, so you know I must love this one!