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21 February 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Fairy Dust (PG)  
Title: Fairy Dust
Author: dvshipper
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate Sg-1, Daniel/Vala
Summary: Birthdays weren't something Dr. Jackson normally celebrated. But Vala thinks it’s about time he did.

The bar was crowded and surprisingly well lit, giving it a trendy feel instead of shady meeting place. The black gear of SG-1 looked out of place among the contemporary, seemingly French influenced natives milling about. The team had been invited to stay among the people of the city for a few days, to learn of their culture and develop relations. According to Vala, this meant celebrating Daniel's birthday while they were there with a night of partying.

Daniel sat atop a cold metal barstool, Vala hanging onto his arm, inside his personal space. She smiled and bounced and was all too happy to "show my Daniel a good time." The linguist just sighed and put up with her antics. Occasionally he'd roll his eyes at his teammates, but that was only earlier, as the team had abandoned the couple. They probably thought they were being funny.

"We'll have two of those lovely green drinks over there." Vala pointed to a couple of hip looking young men at the end of the long bar who were drinking what Daniel recognized as some kind of absinthe. He wasn't sure, as it was another planet, but if the culture could develop to be French they could likely make whatever alcohol there was back on Earth.

"Vala, I'm not sure--" Daniel was cut off before he was able to object. Vala could be a very determined woman when she wanted to be. The bartender saw this and poured them their drinks into bubble-ended glasses. Wire mesh was placed on the rim of the glass and sugar was burned on the mesh, very similar to Earth's ritual.

"Bottom's up, Daniel darling," Vala told him, smiling widely as she knocked back the drink herself. Daniel raised his eyebrow in disapproval before slowly drinking in the strong drink. The liquid burned down his throat and down into his belly. Daniel was no lightweight, but as the alcohol warmed him, he couldn't help but think cake would have been a much better birthday food.

Birthdays weren't something Dr. Jackson normally celebrated. With as much as the team had been through over the years, he honestly didn't know if he was as old as the time since his birth year. After numerous missions spent off world, he celebrated that he was alive when he got home. What more needs celebrating?

Vala didn't see things this way. Any excuse for a party or more importantly, an excuse to get Daniel drunk, she took. St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Christmas, New Year's and Groundhog's Day, much to Jack's amusement and delight. Since the raven haired woman had joined their group, Daniel's credit card got a lot more use on party food and beer. Thankfully, his birthday drinks were on the welcoming locals.

“How old are you, then?” Vala asked, appearing genuinely curious. There was the slightest hint of flirtation embedded in her features though. That would likely remain until she finally bedded Daniel. Even then, it would likely stay fixed across her expression.

“45, though since ‘descending’ I’m not really sure that age is accurate. Which is why I don’t celebrate my birthday,” Daniel replied, raising his eyebrow in accusation of her celebratory antics. As if to say “oh really now?” the bartender set down two more drinks in front of them.

“Well maybe it’s about time then.” Vala gulped down the contents of her glass. Daniel decided he might as well go with it before being forced, drinking his as well.

Whatever alcohol it was, it was beginning to affect him. His attention began to wander and he leaned heavier on the bar. His hearing was sweet and fuzzy as music started up in the bar. A three person band was at the other end of the room, electric stringed instruments in their hands. Dance music sprung from their fingers, causing Vala to sway beside him.

Daniel looked down and admired the way Vala’s slim hips moved back and forth in time to the music. Looking down at the empty glass, he thought “Damn, that shit was strong.” It likely wasn’t just alcohol, but it was a bit too late to do anything about it. Vala knew this, a knowing smirk meeting his eyes.

“Dance with me, darling,” Vala demanded in a low voice that found its way to Daniel’s ears, past the music and the voices of people who’d at some point filled the room. He didn’t say anything, just grabbed her hands and pulled her into the crowd that was swaying and dancing as one.

Vala clasped her hands around Daniel’s neck and he didn’t object, just grabbed her hips in return. They moved together, with the crowd, for what seemed like hours. The band moved seamlessly from one song to the next, not stopping, stringing the couple like puppets to their beat. Daniel relished in the feel of Vala’s warm form against his.

She was so beautiful in the glow of the room, shimmering with a thin sheen of sweat. It was as if she was emitting her own light, pulsing with it. Like a moth to flame, Daniel moved closer, drawn by the beauty before him. Their lips met softly, their whole bodies infused with the heavy music. The band controlled their listeners, the couple breaking their kiss on a beat.

Vala’s heavy lidded gaze met Daniel’s and he knew that something was going to happen tonight. He didn’t know what and he was gone enough not to care. A beautiful woman was in his arms, but not just any woman; his woman. At that moment, he was content to continue dancing forever.

Of course, that sentiment changed in the morning when he found himself passed out surrounded by glitter on a random bit of floor. Sun light stung his eyes and he felt fingers press into his chest as he woke up. Vala was waking up as well, on his chest. The team stood above them, trying not to laugh.

“Fairy dust, eh?” Cam asked like the smart ass he was, motioning to glitter coating the pair of them.

“We probably should have told you, the local drink of choice has some interesting properties. It’s harmless in the morning, but it’ll make you do crazy things at night,” Sam told the couple next to her boots.

“Indeed,” Teal’c agreed with Carter.

Daniel panicked for a moment, not remembering fully the events of the night before. He quickly checked if he was clothed, he was. He checked what Vala was wearing; the standard black gear he last saw her in. They were just very sparkly. How they ended up that way he’d never know. If Vala remembered, she wasn’t telling, just smiling goofily.

One thing was for sure though; he remembered having a really good time. With Vala. Enjoying her company and kissing her stood out in his mind. What surprised him was that he didn’t regret it. In fact, he was kind of glad things went the way they did. They could be on their way to a relationship now. And a set a of less disco ball dipped clothes.
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